Competition: What Happens To Pokemon After They’re Transferred To The Professor?

There’s a lot of speculation about what happens to a Pokémon after it’s transferred to the professor. Some people believe that they are tagged and released, my personal view is that after they’re transferred, they go into a meat grinder and that the professor is actually a giant carnivorous Snorlax who can’t get enough Pokémon meatshake.

Whatever happens after a Pokémon is transferred, we may never know, but I’d like to hear your theories in the comments below. The best theory about what happens to Pokémon after they’re transferred to the professor wins a prize. The prize, as usually is a free beer at the next Pokémon Wellington meetup (apologies to members in Auckland, Canterbury and other parts of the country).

3 thoughts on “Competition: What Happens To Pokemon After They’re Transferred To The Professor?

  1. ‘The professor’ is a super villain code name.

    The pokemon are used for his evil genetic experiments to create super mutant pokemon.

    He is secretly trying to amass a giant army of mutant zu-dles, pid-atas and cate-rans to take over an rule the world.

  2. I’m picturing one of three scenarios:

    1 – Pokématrix:
    The Pokémon are strapped into a huge, underground network of bio-energy-harvesting pods and used as batteries to power the nefarious schemes of the Professor (and his machine overlords!)

    2 – Pokélent green:
    The Pokémon are ground up (or down?) to actually make the candy, which we are then FEEDING TO THEIR POOR, INNOCENT BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!

    3 – Pokéstockpile:
    The Professor is palming us fools off with one measly candy per Pokémon, then selling these valuable creatures on for a tidy profit of many more Candies, Stardust and Pokécoins!

    Not sure why I’m assuming the Professor is evil in all of my scenarios… but he must be stopped!

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