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I’ve not tried it. I’ve often wondered if it was possible to make an app for finding (and sharing the location) of Pokemon. I figured that there would need to be an API or some way to connect to the Pokemon Go app to take note of the Pokemon that pop up in particular co ordinates.

I set up this website partly to enable people to set up groups to attack/defend gyms and do other social things, but also to share the location of Pokemon. I figured if people shared the locations of Pokemon, so it would be a lot easier to catch ’em all. It’s quite hard to get people to go out of their way to share the locations of them, so an app (if it did it automatically) would be great.

I had also wondered if it would be possible to get a phone emulator (of which there are many), then program it to specify GPS co-ordinates, rather than run about to open eggs and locate Pokemon. I’m sure if it’s possible, there must be good money in getting people to pay to walk their Pokemon or catch rare ones in hard to get (or unknown to them) locations.