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Hi Carol,

I created a new topic for you as it didn’t quite fit the “unavailable Pokemon” topic and will be easier for people searching this topic to find. Hope you don’t mind 😇

Regarding account sharing, I imagine that might contravene the terms and conditions of use, but I’m not sure.

One thing I would be concerned about would be the game registering your location on one place, then teleporting you instantly to another, then back again. This would be detectable and could get you banned.

That said, the other week I was playing with Fake GPS apps to see if I could do exactly that (insert shame smiley here). I feel a bit like it’s cheating and would really rather my Pokemon collection reflected what I’ve achieved naturally, but it’s a bit frustrating that I’m too poor to travel and don’t like leaving the dog (she gets separation anxiety and the kennels are torture for her)… Anyway, my point is that it Pokemon Go detects the use of GPS faking apps. And even though I was careful to ensure that I allowed enough time to legitimately travel to the place I was faking my GPS location, I did accidentally turn my Pokemon Go app on and “teleport” myself from Australia to New Zealand 😲

Fortunately I haven’t yet been banned for this. This may be because they’re not searching for people doing this, or because they only search for people doing this every 6 months (maybe I’ll get banned for having done that in a year’s time?). Or maybe they ignore attempts to do this because they know that you can’t catch Pokemon using Fake GPS apps?

I think you’re way will definitely work, as I’ve seen people sharing accounts locally in NZ when one person’s battery runs out. If I was going to do this, I would definitely not use Pokemon Go on your phone a day before giving your account details to your son and a day after he’s finished with it… Just so it doesn’t look like you’re teleporting around the world and obviously cheating… I know that Niantic have banned people in the past after detecting cheating.