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    Ball Munchers – Pokémon that are designed to eat all your Pokeballs then run away

    Anyone else find that it’s difficult to catch some flying Pokemon (Zubats & Dragonites) and some others that always attack / jump just after you throw a Pokeball?

    I find that sometimes I can’t physically throw the Pokeball far enough to even get to flying Pokemon, especially at night when my fingers / phone screen is a little cold (or maybe moist). I wonder if this is a problem unique to me?

    I wonder sometimes if Niantic has some Pokemon (which I call “Ball Munchers”) that aren’t possible to catch simply to eat up your Pokeballs. It seems a little improbable that with some Pokemon reporting a green (easy to catch) ring, that they should attack 5-10 times exactly as I throw the Pokeball.

    Curse you Niantic! lol 🙂

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