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    Dragonite has been upgraded, but old Dragonites have been downgraded!

    I noticed the other day that the old Dragonite moves have been changed for more powerful ones. Dragonite can now get Hurricane, which does about 50DPS vs the old best Dragonite charge move, which was only about 30DPS (Dragon Claw). It’s basic moves have also improved.

    Notably, any old Dragonites will keep their older, weaker moves.

    I wonder if this is how it’s going to be in future; They’re going to make our old Pokemon obsolete so we have to keep grinding more Pokemon?

    If that’s the case, for me, that may put me off playing the battle side of Pokemon Go. I’m already not that much of a fan of the gyms, but I do get the gyms every now and then to get Poke Coins to buy whatever I need to complete my Pokedex, which at the moment is Egg Incubators.

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