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    Us folk who don’t live in town are at a major disadvantage in terms of increasing trainer level in Pokemon Go: We have far less Pokestops, less (if any) lures dropped and less Pokemon to catch. From my perspective, in the countryside there are only 2 ways to level up quickly in Pokemon Go.

    1. By covering a lot of miles hatching eggs (slow, but you get the variety of Pokemon that you otherwise can’t
    2. By teaming up with someone from a different Pokemon team colour to you to work gyms

    That second one needs a little explaining. I think the fastest way to level up in the countryside is to attack a gym and put your weakest Pokemon in the gym, then have a friend from another team colour attack the gym and put their weakest Pokemon in the gym and so on. You can win the gyms with just a few attacks, hardly harming your strongest Pokemon and you get 100 XP for the win.

    If anyone else has any tips for levelling up quickly in the countryside, please share them 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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