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    When the Halloween event was supposed to end, I kept my Pokemon Go app running all day and night in the hope that I could continue with the Halloween benefits. This seemed to work, but I did run out of battery and had to log in again.

    I kept getting the Halloween buddy bonus for about a day after the event was due to end on the 1st of November.

    I just wanted to confirm with others, did your Halloween buddy benefit end at the same time that ghost and psychic Pokemon sort turning up, or did my trick of not logging out of the Pokemon Go app work?



    Hey Lewis

    I tried the same thing.

    Looking back through my journal yesterday I noted that while my GPS had wiggled over 3kms while sitting on my desk at work my Dratini hadn’t found any candy since around 8am.
    I suspect that while the game was still showing the reduced buddy walking distance (1.25km) but the back end had reverted to the normal distance (5km) at some point.

    Also I hatched a Squirtle yesterday around midday but only got 6 candy which seems to back up this theory.



    6 candy is the bonus amount. Normally you only get 3.

    Sorry, yes you’re right. 6 is the candy bonus for catching a Pokemon. I need to brain before typing 😃



    I wonder if you can get any Halloween bonus by changing your Android system clock?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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