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    Yesterday there was a Pokemon Update available, which said that there were some minor text changes and eggs were going to be a different colour depending on how long you have to walk to hatch them. The update seemed to come just before Halloween, and there was a lot of buzz on the internet around what changes may occur at Halloween after a statement from Niantic suggesting that something might happen. It seems that the update does include some Halloween content, specifically with a Trick or Treat theme.

    Here’s a list of changes I’ve noticed in the Halloween update for Pokemon Go:

    • The first change you might notice is that there’s a new loading screen for Halloween, I’ve attached a picture to this post.
    • Next you’ll notice that the eggs are different colours, as outlined in the update information
    • There are a LOT more Ghost and Psychic Pokemon around, especially at night!
    • When you click on a wild Pokemon on the map, a circle will appear around it to tell you which Pokemon has been selected.
    • Finally and most significantly, you now get about 4 times more candy per km you walk for your Buddy! That’s 0.25km to get a candy for Pokemon that would normally require you to walk 1km; ?km to get a candy for Pokemon that would normally require you to walk 3km; and 1.2km to get a candy for Pokemon that would normally require you to walk 5km. This appears to be a play on the idea of kids walking around Trick or Treating for candy, this is Niantics way of giving us candy 😉

    I don’t know which of these changes will be permanent and which are temporary, though I suspect that all will be permanent except the Halloween specific changes (the abundance of Ghosts, the Halloween loading screen and the extra candy for your Buddy).

    It will be interesting to see if there is anything else to expect on the day of Halloween itself!



    Another thing they’ve fixed is that if you were using Pokemon Go and something happened that would play a sound outside of the game (for example, if you received a text message), then the sound would stop working in Pokemon Go. It seems that they’ve fixed this by blocking all other media sound when Pokemon Go is running, which means that you can’t listen to music while playing Pokemon Go on your phone.



    There’s talk on the net that this event will last up to the 1st of November 2016.

    Additionally, some websites are saying that hatching eggs and catching Pokemon gives you double the normal amount of candy, though I’ve not confirmed this myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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