Has Anyone Ever Paid For Pokemon Items?

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    Today I decided to buy a bunch of Poké Balls (100). I ran out and CBA to visit a bunch of places to get more (mainly because recently when I had been visiting locations, the servers were down so I couldn’t get my items) and my Pokémon radar thingy is saying that there are a few nearby Pokémon that I currently don’t have.

    I didn’t think I’d ever buy anything from the shop because (although it’s not much money) the items for sale aren’t very valuable in the game.

    A bunch of people I was chatting to the other day were asking exactly this question: Have you ever bought anything in game? Only one of the group said that they’ve made in-game purchases before, but all agreed that they wouldn’t buy anything from the Pokémon Go game.

    Obviously if no one buys anything from Pokémon Go, the game will die off. So, I was wondering… Has anyone else ever bought anything from the Pokémon Shop?

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