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    Today I discovered that Niantic (The company responsible for the Pokemon Go game) have an API for showing Pokemon on a map and that people are making Pokemon maps using this. This means that you can view what Pokemon are where at any place you like.

    Here’s an example of one:

    To use this, load the map, left click on it to add a marker then click on the red button at the bottom of the map and wait up to 30 seconds for it to detect all the Pokemon in the area. Note that the Pokemon that show up are only those that are available RIGHT NOW. So if you want to find specific Pokemon or if you want to check a location to see what’s normally there (over a period of time, instead of those that can found right now), then please use the forum on this website for your location (ie: Wellington, Auckland, etc.).

    Also, if this helps you find a Pokémon that’s rare, please do share the location of the Pokemon you found in the forum here, to help others 🙂

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