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    Today I noticed that you can actually tell a difference in the gender of Pokemon when looking at them.

    I was alerted to this when I saw that the Wobbuffet I was trying to catch was wearing lipstick… Which raises questions in itself, about the relationships between humans and Pokemon… If Pokemon don’t have factories making lipstick, where are they getting it from? Are they stealing it, and if so how do they know what it’s for and how to use it? Which makes you wonder if someone is teaching them or putting it on them. If this is the case, why are they doing this?!

    Pokemon cruelty concerns aside, I’ve attached a picture of the new Pokemon avatars of Wobbuffet in female and male form for your interest.

    I’m a little curious if people have noticed it Pokemon with visible gender differences. I’m particularly curious about what a make Jinx might look like.

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