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    Based on the fact that the Halloween event was everything to do with ghosts, magic (psychic pokemon), black cats (Meowth), Pokemon that look like they’re dressed up for Halloween (Cubone & Marowak) and of course bonus candy, it makes sense that Niantic will have a similar theme, but Christmas based.

    Here’s what I think the Christmas event will be in Pokemon Go…

    • Lots of Candy (I suspect they’ll do the same as Halloween – double candy from hatches, catches and buddies)
    • Gifts – A wrapped parcel to open, containing random items – maybe a Christmas hat for your Avatar
    • Possibly a free bag upgrade (think xmas sack)
    • Something to get people outside and playing the game, such as a bonus for interacting with gyms somehow. I think they’ll be thinking about using the Xmas event to get people engaged in Pokemon Go again, as numbers will be dwindling by then and having kids playing Pokemon Go up during Christmas alongside (or instead of) their other toys will be significant for the marketing machine and swaying parent’s investments and ensuring peoples continued addiction
    • Probably an abundance of Ice type Pokemon, as they’ve done with Ghosts, etc. in Halloween
    • The option to purchase seasonal avatar upgrades with Poke Coins

    I’m trying to rack my brains to think of Pokemon that look like they would sit well with a Christmas theme, but can’t think of any that look like Elves, Reindeeer, presents, Father Christmas – at least not in the current generation! Some internet sources have suggested Staryu / Starmie, Abomasnow, Sawsbuck & Delibird, which are all great suggestions, most of which would have to be released in a new version, or possibly on their own as part of an Xmas special release (which would be pretty cool, but a lot of white space in the Pokedex).

    Personally, I’d really like to see some specific tasks required to be completed to achieve these special Pokemon – such as specific walks, collaborative team take-downs, visiting specific places and fitness based tasks like walking a certain distance within a specific time or walking for a certain amount of time non-stop. I’d also like to see a Christmas stocking special incubator given as a gift that hatches one additional egg over the Christmas period!



    I’m so disappointed with this year’s Christmas event in Pokémon Go. It seems that the only thing you can get is a Pikachu or Raichu with a Christmas hat on it. The Christmas Pikachu and r
    Raichu will be catchable until the 29th of December 2016.

    They may, in the future, have some value if Niantic decide to implement a Pokémon trading system.

    Unrelated to Christmas, but happening at the same time, Niantic have announced that you can now catch Togepi and Pichu by hatching Eggs. I guess 2km eggs. They’ve also announced that more Pokemon will be added. The announcement read as though it would be a gradual addition, rather than a release, which is less exciting. I suppose there trying to get people constantly using the app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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