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    I’ve hatched over 300 eggs in Pokémon Go and there are several Pokemon that I’ve still not got yet. These include Porygon, Omanyte and the regional Pokemon for my area.

    If the hatching charts showing the probability catching these Pokemon were correct, then I’d have about 3 Kangaskhan, at least 1 Omanyte and at least 1 Porygon.

    The reason I think the Pokemon egg hatching probability charts are wrong is mainly because I’ve not got ask the Pokemon yet, but also because of how the data was collected. A website was set up that allowed people to select the type of egg they hatched and say what Pokemon they got.

    Only people who are very precise in their nature and religious about reporting all of their hatches eggs would be gathering quality, reliable, accurate data. Most people aren’t like this, and people will tend to only report of their hatches, particularly the exciting ones. This behaviour distorts the figures and I firmly believe that while the data is good, it’s not accurate.

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