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    ❗ Update: Pokestops now say “Try again later” if you are going more than 38kph. You can go over 38kph without triggering a “try again later” message on the Pokestop, but only if you go over that speed for a short period and the GPS in your phone doesn’t register it back yet, or the Pokemon Go app doesn’t calculate your average speed to be above the threshold.

    If you are getting a lot of “Try again later” messages when trying to activate Pokestops, I think this is due to the new update 0.45.0. I think that Niantic have put in a new system to stop you catching Pokestops while driving. So sorry to folk who are trying to catch Pokestops when travelling to and from work in the morning – your bus journey just got a bit more boring :p

    I read on the internet that you can no longer use the Pokemon Go app above speeds of 30mph. I’m not sure if that’s the speed that triggers the “Are you a passenger” message, or if that now stops you activating Pokestops and is what gives you the “Try again later” message.

    If anyone finds a workaround to this, please let me know. In the meantime, I’m going to do some experimentation with loading Pokestops before I arrive at them, trying to load them only once they are within range, stopping for a period of time before using them again and also seeing how long you have to wait before trying again.

    I know that historically, you can get the Try again later message if you try to spin a Pokestop before it’s fully loaded. I’m not sure if this is still a bug, but it was caused by the Pokestop registering that you have already activated it, but not giving you anything because it wasn’t fully loaded. In this scenario, you would have to wait 5 minutes before trying again. Annoyingly, the colour of the Pokestop doesn’t change to reflect that it is registered as having already been used.



    Hey @lewyh

    Google tells me that 30 miles is 48KM but I have tried travelling at the 40km mark and still get this message when spinning poke-stops.
    I’ve been getting mixed results when going between 30-35km so maybe the threshold is lower than the 30 miles?



    I’ve found that 30km/hr works and sometimes faster. I think it might depend on GPS discrepancies or perhaps the algorithm is more complicated, for example it might depend on how long you are going and you’re too speed during the journey since you last stopped?



    I did some more testing with the Pokestop speed limit. I managed to use the Pokestop up to 38kph, but got a please try again later message 40kph and over.

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