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    I’ve half stopped catching Pokemon in preparation for the Pokemon Go Christmas event. I’m trying to make sure that I have a bag full of Poke balls in case the Christmas event is anything like the Halloween event, which have double XP and extra stardust for catching Pokemon. I don’t want to be struggling for poke balls in that scenario.

    But I’ve not supported catching Pokemon altogether, just in case they give extra XP for evolving Pokemon. So I’m also stocking up on my Pidgey candy.

    Hopefully the Christmas bonus won’t be a bag full of Pokeballs when my bag is full, so I’ll be sure to leave some space in my stocking for presents from Niantic (they wouldn’t let people miss out on Christmas gifts of they have a full sack, would they?). I’m also stockpiling Poke coins case there are some Christmas or January sales event 😋

    I’m super prepared for this lol 😎

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