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    I start out buying Poke Balls from the shop (which I paid real money for as I live in an area with very few Pokestops), then I changed my strategy and started buying Lucky Eggs to level up. Then I realised that if my goal is to catch ’em all, levelling up only makes catching Pokemon harder. Sure levelling up makes sense if you have a chance to dominate gyms to get extra coins to buy more upgrades from the shop, but became unviable as I live in a semi rural area and can’t compete with those who work in town.

    So I’m left thinking to myself: What’s the best thing to buy in the Pokemon Go shop? So, I’ve done an analysis on each item below:

    Poke Balls: A good purchase if you find you are running out. You can’t catch Pokemon without Poke Balls. However, if your money is worth more than your time, it’s better to travel to an area with lots of Pokestops because you’ll get better quality Poke Balls and catch a better variety (and more) Pokemon at the same time.

    Incense: This is a direct purchase of Pokemon. You’ll get about 5-8 Pokemon for 1 incense (that’s about 1 Pokemon per 10 coins).

    Lucky Eggs: These are good if your focus is to get the highest level / battle in gyms. They’re bad if your aim is to catch Pokemon as they get harder to catch at higher levels.

    Lure Modules: I’ve not worked out how many Pokemon you’ll get with this, but it seems to be about the same as incense. However, Lure Modules seem to give 1 “rare” Pokemon per lure. Exactly what you define as a rare Pokemon may be different from what you get from your Lure Module. An Eevee for example, seems to be classed as a rare Pokemon. This works out to be about 10 coins per Pokemon.

    Egg Incubators: These hatch an extra Pokemon. People view these as helping clear your eggs, but in reality you have a pretty much infinite number of eggs (you’ll get more eggs than you can ever hatch, unless you live in an area with no Pokestops). You can only have (from memory) 5 Egg Incubators at once. So guess what – maxing out on Egg Incubators is only going to give you 5 Pokemon per half hour (assuming that’s how long it takes to hatch them) – which is the same as buying an Incense or Lure Module. Coincidence? Ok, that sounds like 1 Pokemmon for 150 coins, compared to 1 Pokemon for 10 coins from an Incense or Lure Module doesn’t sound so good, but you do get to specify what kind of egg you spend time hatching and can therefore say that the Pokemon you’ll get for your money is rarer. Also that Pokemon will typically come with a bunch of candy, which is effectively a bunch of other Pokemon catch and sent to the professor (the equivalent of about 4 Pokemon on 5km eggs) – which brings the total cost of an Egg Incubator down to about 30 coins per Pokemon, but it’ll be a rare. The analysis of the value of eggs does depend on what type of eggs you hatch. It becomes unfavourable if you use your Incubators on 2km eggs. Also the value is difficult to calculate if you spend a lot of money on Incubators and end up being stuck with a full pack of 2km eggs that you have to work through before getting to the better eggs.

    Bag Upgrades: Useful if you live in a rural area but go to town once a week to stack up on Poke Balls. In this scenario I recommend making this purchase very early on to get the most benefit from it.

    Pokemon Storage Upgrades: Arguably the most useless upgrade at this stage. Perhaps good if you don’t like sending the Pokemon to the Professor because of the questionable reasons for his unquenchable demand for Pokemon and his inexplicable infinite source of Pokemon Candy.

    In summary: The best thing to buy in the Pokemon Go shop depends on how much you value your time vs your money and what your goals for the game are, also a little bit on your mobility and location.

    If you want to catch as many Pokemon as possible, buy either a Lure Module, Incense or Egg Incubator. Which of these depends on a few things. If you a rural with not many free lures around you, buy a lure module. You get lots of cheap Pokemon and one rare Pokemon. If you’re not near a Pokestop, buy Incense. You won’t likely get a rare Pokemon, but you don’t have to hang around a Pokestop and the Pokemon are cheap. If you have a lot of Pokemon already and want to increase your chances of getting a specific one, buy an egg incubator and hatch an egg that is likely to have the Pokemon you want (take a look at the egg charts to find out which egg to hatch).

    If you live in a rural area and constantly run out of Poke Balls, buy Poke Balls. If you go into town occasionally, buy a bag upgrade instead and stock up every few weeks when you start to run out. This will be cheaper in the long run.

    If you want to battle Pokemon, buy a Luck Egg to level up as quickly as possible. Egg Incubators may also be of interest to you, as you get a Pokemon and a bunch of candy to Power Up the Pokemon you hatch – useful for catching powerful, rare Pokemon and getting lots of candy.



    Thought I’d revisit this. It would be good to get some other people’s opinions about what the best thing to buy with your poke coins is.

    Personally, after upgrading my bag several times (so I could stick up on poke balls when I go to town every few weeks), then my storage for extra Gen 2 Pokemon, I had been spending all my poke coins on egg incubators and the occasional lucky egg when my bag got full.

    Now I’ve almost caught all the Pokemon I can from eggs, I’m wondering what to buy that will most help me catch what I suspect will be the rarest Pokemon, Unown.

    Should I now be spending all my poke coins on incense and lures, with the occasional lucky egg?



    Thanks for getting me logged in this site.

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