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    Today I saw a Pokemon shadow in my Pokemon tracker of a Pokemon I didn’t recognise. It looked like an Ivysaur, but wasn’t because I already have one. I figured it was probably a Venusaur and since I am a fair way from catching enough Bulbasaurs to level up my Ivysaur, I figured it was worth nipping out to catch it. Especially since I couldn’t make out the shadow / silhouette of the Pokemon and I’ve already caught 107 Pokemon; It was worth venturing outside the house a short distance to catch an extremely rare Pokemon.

    It turned out that the silhouette was of a Dragonite! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch it as it’s level was too high. The CP was actually hidden and just displayed as three question marks (???) and it hard a deep red circle around it, inferring that it was difficult to catch. I ended up using about 20 Ultra Balls, which turned out to be an apt description of my outting: Ultra Balls! I’m undecided about whether the Dragonite was legitimately captureable or if it was just a Niantic Ball Muncher. 50% of the time I couldn’t even throw the Pokeballs far enough 🙁

    Anyway, this extremely rare spawn was found mid way down Eastcott Grove, Churton Park, Wellington. Though I would recommend if you see a Dragonite in the wild and the CP is marked as ???, that you probably don’t waste your time / Pokeballs. I suggest levelling up a Dratini (Dratini are abundant along Wellington waterfront and other places) all the way to a Dragonite as it would probably be easier.



    Dragonite can be found in Wainui every couple of days at the moment. He was at the bottom of Castlerea at about 8.15am this morning, and opposite the High School on Parkway at around 6.15pm Monday night.



    WooHoo! Finally caught myself a Dragonite last night in Churton Park @ about 12:00 at night. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    The Dragonite ate all 20 of my Ultraballs and finally got it after launching several Greatballs and Razz berry at it. I was a little disappointed it didn’t fair well in the Pokémon Appraisal system, but I’m happy I finally got one 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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