New Gyms Are Live

Today the new gyms went live. I’ve not tried the combat system yet, but I have put Pokemon in a couple of gyms and upgraded with Razz Berry’s. I can confirm the following:

  • Niantic seem to have removedĀ the ability to get coins from gyms. It seems like the only way to get coins now is to buy them.
  • You can only upgrade gyms with Razz Berry’s. You can upgrade gyms with any type of berry, you just have to tap on the berry icon to the left of the berry you’re throwing to change it. When you upgrade a gym (or rather, individual Pokemon), that Pokemon’s CP is restored (over time and from battle losses, the CP drops). When you upgrade a gym with Razz Berry’s, you get some kind of progress bar that increases, which is independent of the Pokemon’s health. This progress bar is not displayed in any place, other than immediately after upgrading displayed in the Gym Badges section of your character sheet. I’m yet to find out what happens when that progress bar is full, but I suspect that you will get a chance to catch the pokemon whose silhouette appears on the badges screen for that gym.
  • When you spin a gym, you get either a special item or a standard loot that you’d normally get from spinning a Poke Stop. I’ve spun two gyms and have got one of each. I wonder if the gym that gave the special item (Sun Stone in my case) had it’s Razz Berry progress bar full already? The item you get seems random so far.

I’ve started a thread in the forum to gather stats on what items people get from gyms so we can work out the probability of gym item drops. Please feel free to participate to help gather data.

Alternatively, please leave a comment below if you have anything else to add.

Addendum: It seems that the progress bar for gyms turns the gym badge into a bronze bade, then presumably through the levels silver and gold. After which I suspect you can then catch the Pokemon advertised floating about it on the badge.

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